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Seito Food & Beverage Management System (Seito POS System) is our pioneer product tailor-made for food service industry. With years of effort, research, market evaluation and investigation, Seito F&B solution is now sophisticated to meet the needs of the industry and well received in the marketplace.

Our latest V8.1 version provides much more flexible and powerful features to cater both table service and quick service restaurants in one system.

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Our latest V8.1 provides you the most powerful functions and features to improve operation efficiency. Flexible and professional design makes Seito the ideal POS solution for all kinds of food service operation such as quick service, casual dining and fine dining restaurants.

Seito provides Chain Store Management Function to efficiently manage food menu and sales data of all branches in headquarter. Seito also has diagnostic monitoring function to monitor the status of system equipment and software. It may save administrative effort and time by having fast and simple monitoring procedure on the system.

Advanced and professional systems designed for effective ordering, either by operation staff or customers.

  • PDA/ Android OS Based Mobile Ordering
    Supports both professional wireless terminal or Android OS based mobile devices

Supports both professional wireless terminal or Android OS based mobile devices

  • iPad eMenu and Ordering
    A feature-rich digital menu and ordering system professionally developed for the food service industry. It enhances the dining experience for every customer who arrives at your restaurant.

Seito Queuing Tag Management System keeps getting queuing tags at restaurant as basic operation and supports to check queuing status by mobile phone. This operation model on one hand minimises the situation of affecting efficiency by many no show customers who are using mobile app to get queuing tags freely. On the other hand, customers are able to leave for a while and not to miss seating arrangement. Furthermore, setting a TV at the reception to show queuing status with clear calling sound makes customer queuing more orderly and efficiently.

Customers can order and pay directly at the self service stations, and get exactly what they need and will be satisfied with quick and convenient service. More importantly, overall manpower and labour cost can be reduced.

A complete and integrated kitchen display solution that can help you increase the speed, accuracy and productivity of your kitchen.

Just using Seito Intelligent Management System App installed in your smart phone, you are able to get real time sales data of all restaurants, including different types of reports. In addition, sales data will be provided in different kinds of formats, such as grouping by departments or by time periods. Now you can grasp all sales data wherever you are.

Just a click on your mobile device, you are able to review sales dayend report of your restaurant automatically sending from the system in daily basis.

Without extra equipment, daily attendance records of your staff are recorded in the POS system. All data will be automatically sent to head office for further process.

Our QServe Retail Management System is a professional retail store management solution especially for department store and supermarket.

Remote server system design makes store expansion easy. Offline mode operation allows you to have zero downtime operation even if network connection is failed.

Powerful functions support your business operating in an efficient way.