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Seito fully supports “Food Angel – A Day with Food Angel” charity programme

Date: 2016/07

In Hong Kong, it is estimated that 3,600 tons of food waste is dumped into the landfills every day and approximately one third of them comes from the food industry. Among the food wasted, a good quantity is still quality food that can benefit plenty of people in need. Therefore, Bo Charity Foundation launched the sustainable Food Rescue & Food Assistance Program “Food Angel”, with the ultimate goal of achieving “Waste Not Hunger Not”.

To support the concerns about food rescue by Food Angel, 14 Seito staff formed a volunteer team and joined the charity of “A Day with Food Angel” on July 5, 2016. Through this activity, we had a better understanding on food waste issues and local hunger problems, and the importance of treasuring food. On that day, by processing the surplus food from the donors, we have prepared around 900 Food Angel Meal Boxes and distributed to Food Angel Community Centre or beneficiaries in need.

As our business is closely related to the food industry, Seito fully supports the vision of Food Angel. We hope more people can support “treasuring food and reducing food waste” and finally solving the hunger problem in Hong Kong.